Legacy Google+ APIs have been shut down as of March 7, 2019. Changes to the shutdown plan have been made recently which may mitigate its effect on some developers. Learn more.

Google+ integrations for web and mobile apps have also stopped functioning as of March 7, 2019. Learn more.

Managing Circles

The Google+ Domains API provides Google Apps customers with API access to create and manage circles on behalf of users within their Google Apps domain. This facilitates use cases such as:

Welcoming new employees
When a new employee joins your organization, you can populate circles for their team, colleagues working on related projects, or executives they should follow. This will ensure that their first experience with Google+ in your organization offers lots of interesting content from relevant people.
Sharing with direct reports
You can create a circle for a manager's direct reports, and automatically update that circle as employees change teams or leave the company. For managers with a large number of reports this will make it significantly easier for them to share only with their reports without needing to track organizational changes manually.

Available methods