Google+ APIs will be shut down on March 7, 2019. This includes Google+ Sign-in and OAuth token requests with Google+ scopes. Learn more.

Google+ integrations for web and mobile apps will also cease to function March 7, 2019. Learn more.

This will be a progressive shutdown, with intermittent failures starting as early as January 28, 2019.

Enable over-the-air installs

Let web users instantly download and install your app to their Android device.

Pull profile and social graph info

Show profile information, and relevant content and connections from circles.

Add Google+ sharing

Let visitors recommend and share your content, and prompt friends to take specific actions on your site.

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+1 button

Let visitors quickly recommend your brand and your content.

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Help your visitors find you on Google+ and let them follow you with a single click.

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Embedded posts

Add public posts to your web pages so that visitors can +1, comment, and follow the author.

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Provide an easy way for people to share your content with their circles.

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Follow button

Add a compact, flexible Google+ follow button to your site.

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Customize the text and image that people see when your content is shared.

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Google+ Platform for Web
Google+ Platform for Web