Deploy Your App

Now that you have your Dialogflow agent and fulfillment deployed, you can test out your app on real hardware devices or the Actions Simulator.

In addition to thorough testing, make sure your app passes our pre-launch checklists before submitting. This ensures a quicker approval and catches a lot of the issues we see during the approval process.

Testing on real hardware

On a supported device, such as a voice-activated speaker or an Android phone, log into the device with the same account that you used to create your Actions on Google developer project.

Test your app in the Actions Simulator

  1. Click on Integrations in Dialogflow's left navigation, and make sure the Google Assistant card is enabled.
  2. Click on the Google Assistant card and click on TEST in the pop-up window. Dialogflow uploads the agent to our servers so you can test it out in the Actions simulator.

  3. In the Test your Assistant app section of the integration screen, click on the Actions Simulator link to open a new browser for the Actions simulator.

  4. In the Actions Simulator, enter talk to my test app in the Input area of the simulator to test the app.

Submit your app for approval

When you want to update your developer project with a copy of your agent so you can submit it for review, use the update feature of Dialogflow. This uploads an action package to your developer project for review.

  1. In Dialogflow's left navigation, click Integrations, then the Actions on Google card.
  2. Click on the UPDATE button.
  3. Go to the Actions on Google Developer Console and select your project. Fill out the information requested to submit your app for approval. See Registering and Publishing for more information.