Account Linking with Google

Account linking is a great way to lets users connect their Google accounts to existing accounts on your service. This allows you to build richer experiences for your users that take advantage of the data they already have in their account on your service. Whether it’s food preferences, existing payment accounts, music preferences, your users should be able to have better experiences in the Google Assistant by linking their accounts.

Using seamless account linking

Seamless account linking provides the best experience for your users to link accounts by signing in to their existing accounts or even creating new accounts. The experience takes two clicks from your users and doesn’t require any username, password, or long configuration steps. It looks like this:

For more information, see Streamlined Identity Flows about how to configure your OAuth server to support the seamless identity experiences on the Google Assistant.

User experience using traditional linking flows

If you’re not ready to support the streamlined identity flows yet, you can still support traditional account linking using the OAuth 2.0 linking flows. For example, if users are interacting with a voice-activated speaker, the authorization flow might look like this:

"It looks like your <invocation name> account is not linked yet. You can link <invocation name> to your Google Account from the Google Home app."

The user then will have to authenticate to your service in order to link their account or create a new account. Once the user has completed the account linking flow on your web app, they can invoke your Actions project which can then authenticate calls to your services.

Implementing account linking

Click the link below to get started with one of our account linking methods.

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