Listen Actions

Listen Actions are Media Actions for audio content. For more information about Media Actions generally, see: Introduction

Action behavior

All Listen Actions must meet the following requirements:

  • Content must autoplay on all platforms (other than iOS). Autoplay is recommended on iOS, however it is acceptable to have playback available behind one additional click
  • If sign-in is required, the initiated action should begin once authentication is completed
  • For mobile platforms (Android/iOS) - If an action is initiated when the app isn't installed, one of the following must happen:
    • The user is directed to a webpage where they are prompted to download the app with only one (intuitive) click to the app store.
    • The user is directed to the app store to download the app

There are also some additional specific requirements for music content:

Artists, Albums and Songs

  • We are able to serve both entity actions (where playback is exclusively content from that entity ie artist, album or the song itself) and entity seeded actions (where playback is content similar to the artist, album or song). Entity actions must meet the following requirements:
    • Artist actions should play content only from that artist and may play similar content once all content from the artist in your catalog has been played. We also recommend that you vary the tracks you play for the artist each time the artist is initiated.
    • Album actions should play content in order of appearance on the album, and may play similar content once all tracks on the album have been played
    • Song actions should play the song and may play similar content once the song has been played

Music mixes

  • The tracks that you play for a mix should vary each time the mix is initiated.
  • For genre mixes, you should provide coverage of top genres. Your Google contact can work with you to determine if you have coverage.

Radio stations

  • The deeplink you provide for a radio station should initiate playback of that radio station only

If you are unsure of what to do for your service, please work with your contact at Google to determine the appropriate behaviour.