Local home SDK

The local home SDK enhances your smart home integration by adding a local path to execute smart home intents. It enables this by providing a secure environment to run your smart home business logic in JavaScript on Google Nest speakers and displays. This allows your JavaScript app to communicate with smart devices over the local area network (LAN).

Integration of the SDK delivers substantial performance improvements to the smart home API, including lower latency and higher reliability.

Figure 1 shows the additional execution path that the local home SDK enables us to establish. For devices that are locally controllable, the smart home intent is routed to a Google Nest speaker or display that runs your JavaScript instead of sending that intent to your cloud. In the event that the local execution path fails, your cloud is used as a fallback execution path.

This figure shows the execution flow for local execution. The
            execution path captures a user's intent from a phone with the
            Google Assistant, then the user intent is processed by
            the Google Cloud, then it is executed locally on the Google Home
            device and the command is issued directly to the device hub or
            directly to the device. The developer cloud is available as a
            cloud fallback.
Figure 1. Local execution path