Error Logging

Smart home has integrated with Stackdriver in order to share useful error logs with partners. You can access these logs from your Google Developer Project and use them to debug many issues you may encounter.

Currently, Stackdriver logs SYNC, QUERY, and EXECUTE errors. Internal and external errors may occur during the SYNC process.

Logs are cleaned in order to:

  • Only share the failure type/error reason with the developer, not a detailed trace.
  • Not share any extra information about the end user (or Google's view/representation of the user’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII)) with the developer, other than information to which partners already have access.

Access the log

Do the following to access the error log:

  1. In the Cloud Platform Console, go to the Projects page. Select your Home Automation agent.

    Go to the Projects Page

  2. Under STACKDRIVER, select Logging.

The UI should look similar to the following:

This data is accessible to smart home partners who maintain the corresponding agent. Access control is maintained by Stackdriver/the Actions console, and only developers who have access to logs for the corresponding cloud project will be able to access this data.

Log are retained for 7 days for the Basic Tier, and 30 days for the Premium Tier. After that, logs will be scheduled for deletion. Developers can also delete entries on demand by using the Stackdriver interface.