Fill in a Google Sheet, Create an App.

Create your own trivia game, personality quiz, or flash cards for the Google Assistant with a fully defined persona, and without a single line of code.

Template Features

  • Create an app within minutes

    Select the type of app you want to build, a personality, and your Google Sheet. That's it; your app is ready for testing.

  • Build without code

    If you know how to fill a spreadsheet, you're ready to build an app. Fill in a Google Sheet with your questions, anticipated answers, and hints or follow-ups to design your app's functionality.

  • Choose a pre-defined personality

    Pre-defined personalities are readily available when you create an app from our templates, offering a voice, tone, music, sound effects, and natural conversational feel for your app's users without any work on your end.

  • Expand to different languages

    Go global with your app. Upload a Google Sheet for each language you want to support, and users in those locales will automatically be directed to your app in their language. To learn more about supporting multiple languages on your app for the Assistant, check out our articles on Localization.

  • Make an app for families

    Template apps usually comply with the Apps for Families policies, so you can target your app for a family audience with a "For Families" badge in the Assistant Directory.

    To learn how to submit your app for families, follow our template app guides below then reference Submitting your app on the Apps for Families docs.

Types of Apps


Create your own trivia game show putting your friends, family, and other Assistant users in the hot seat. For example, you may want to create a trivia game about world geography or zoo animals. Check out the American Presidents Quiz and Planet Quiz for some examples.

Read our trivia app guide to start building your own trivia game.

Personality Quiz

Build a personality quiz that rewards survey takers by assigning an enlightening (or quirky) classification based on their answers. Give people a quiz to determine what city they should live in or even what celebrity they most resemble. Check out the Sorting Hat to learn your Hogwarts house assignment as an example.

Read our personality quiz guide to start building your own personality quiz.

Flash Cards

Help your friends or study group learn new concepts and test their knowledge with flash cards. Help people learn a new language through words and phrases, or test biology expertise to help a science major ace her next exam.

Read our flash cards guide to start building your own flash cards.

How to Get Started

It’s easy to build your app with templates, just follow a few simple steps that take a matter of minutes:

  1. Head to the Actions Console and create a project.
  2. Select the template for the type of app you want to create.
  3. Copy our example Google Sheet and edit with your own questions and answers.
  4. Connect your Google Sheet to the app.
  5. You're done!

Read our guides for trivia, personality quiz , or flash card apps, or head straight to the Actions Console to start creating your app.