enum MidrollFrequencyType (v201905)

Frequency types for mid-roll ad rule slots.

Enumeration Description
NONE The ad rule slot is not a mid-roll and hence MidrollFrequency should be ignored.
EVERY_N_SECONDS MidrollFrequency is a time interval and mentioned as a single numeric value in seconds. For example, "100" would mean "play a mid-roll every 100 seconds".
FIXED_TIME MidrollFrequency is a comma-delimited list of points in time (in seconds) when an ad should play. For example, "100,300" would mean "play an ad at 100 seconds and 300 seconds".
EVERY_N_CUEPOINTS MidrollFrequency is a cue point interval and is a single integer value, such as "5", which means "play a mid-roll every 5th cue point".
FIXED_CUE_POINTS Same as FIXED_TIME, except the values represent the ordinal cue points ("1,3,5", for example).
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.

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