Note: Reporting metrics for Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals will soon change from gross revenue to net revenue. See the Ad Manager Release notes for more information.

enum ReconciliationError.Reason (v201905)

The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
CANNOT_CREATE_RECONCILIATION_REPORT_VERSION Reconciliation report is reconciled, and need to revert. Or reconciliation report is Deleted, and not possible.
INVALID_RECONCILIATION_REPORT_STATE_TRANSITION Reconciliation report can't be put into that reconciliation state.
INVALID_RECONCILIATION_PROPOSAL_SUBMISSION_SEQUENCE Previous cycles of the proposal must be reconciled first.
USER_CANNOT_RECONCILE_RECONCILIATION_REPORT User does not have permission to put reconciliation report into reconciled state.
CONTRACTED_VOLUME_CANNOT_BE_NULL The billed from is contracted, but the contracted volume cannot be null.
DFP_VOLUME_CANNOT_BE_NULL The billed from is DFP, but the DFP volume cannot be null.
MANUAL_VOLUME_CANNOT_BE_NULL The billed from is manual, but the manual volume cannot be null.
THIRD_PARTY_VOLUME_CANNOT_BE_NULL The billed from is third-party, but the third-party volume cannot be null.
DUPLICATE_LINE_ITEM_AND_CREATIVE Duplicate tuples of (line item ID, creative ID).
CANNOT_RECONCILE_LINE_ITEM_CREATIVE Cannot reconcile the ReconciliationReportRow as the line item ID and the creative ID association is invalid.
LINE_ITEM_DAYS_MISMATCH Third-party days delivered and manual days delivered cannot differ for rows with same line item ID when line item cost type is CPD.
LINE_ITEM_BILL_OFF_OF_MISMATCH ReconciliationReportRow.billFrom field cannot differ for rows with same line item id when line item cost type is CPD.
CANNOT_MODIFY_RECONCILED_ORDER The order of the modifying rows in under reconciled status. The row couldn't be changed.
CANNOT_MODIFY_ACROSS_MULTIPLE_RECONCILIATION_REPORTS Can not modify across multiple reconciliation reports.
CANNOT_QUERY_ACROSS_MULTIPLE_RECONCILIATION_REPORTS Can not query across multiple reconciliation reports.
CANNOT_UPDATE_VOLUME_WHEN_BILLABLE_REVENUE_OVERRIDDEN Cannot update reconciled volume when a billable revenue override is set.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.