enum ForecastAdjustmentError.Reason (v202102)

Error reason types for ForecastAdjustmentError.

Enumeration Description
AD_REQUEST_SOURCE_PLATFORMS_MUST_MATCH_SEGMENT_PLATFORMS The adjustment has ad request source settings with a targeting expression that contains request platform targeting that is not equal to the request platform targeting of the targeting expression of the parent traffic forecast segment.
ADJUSTED_VALUE_TOO_HIGH_RELATIVE_TO_FORECAST The adjustment contains at least one daily value above the allowed maximum percentage of the current forecast.
ADJUSTED_VALUE_TOO_LOW The adjustment contains at least one daily value below the allowed minimum.
ADJUSTED_VALUE_TOO_LOW_RELATIVE_TO_FORECAST The adjustment contains at least one daily value below the allowed minimum percentage of the current forecast.
ADJUSTS_CROSS_SELL_INVENTORY The adjustment is attempting to adjust cross-sell inventory.
DATE_RANGE_OVERLAPS_ANOTHER_ADJUSTMENT The date range of the adjustment overlaps the date range of another adjustment within the same traffic forecast segment.
END_DATE_AFTER_FURTHEST_AVAILABLE_FORECAST_DATE The adjustment's end date is after the furthest available date in the forecast.
END_DATE_NOT_ON_OR_AFTER_START_DATE A provided date range has an end date that is not on or after its start date.
HISTORICAL_BASIS_DATE_RANGE_TOO_SHORT A historical date range is shorter than the minimum allowed length.
HISTORICAL_END_DATE_NOT_IN_PAST A historical date range has an end date not in the past.
HISTORICAL_START_DATE_TOO_FAR_BEFORE_ADJUSTMENT_END_DATE A historical date range has a start date more than the allowed number of days before the adjustment end date.
NO_VOLUME_SETTINGS_PROVIDED No volume settings were provided.
NUMBER_OF_VALUES_DOES_NOT_MATCH_DATE_RANGE The values provided do not span the provided date range.
PARENT_SEGMENT_TARGETING_INCOMPATIBLE_WITH_HISTORICAL_BASIS_AD_REQUEST_SOURCE_SETTINGS The adjustment provides historical basis ad request source settings, but the targeting of the adjustment's parent traffic forecast segment is incompatible with that use.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.