A Transfer resource represents the transfer of the ownership of user data between users.

For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representations

  "kind": "admin#datatransfer#DataTransfer",
  "etag": etag,
  "id": string,
  "oldOwnerUserId": string,
  "newOwnerUserId": string,
  "applicationDataTransfers": [
      "applicationId": long,
      "applicationTransferParams": [
          "key": string,
          "value": [
      "applicationTransferStatus": string
  "overallTransferStatusCode": string,
  "requestTime": datetime
Property name Value Description Notes
applicationDataTransfers[] list List of per application data transfer resources. It contains data transfer details of the applications associated with this transfer resource. Note that this list is also used to specify the applications for which data transfer has to be done at the time of the transfer resource creation.
applicationDataTransfers[].applicationId long The application's ID.
applicationDataTransfers[].applicationTransferParams[] list The transfer parameters for the application. These parameters are used to select the data which will get transferred in context of this application.
applicationDataTransfers[].applicationTransferParams[].key string The type of the transfer parameter. eg: 'PRIVACY_LEVEL'
applicationDataTransfers[].applicationTransferParams[].value[] list The value of the corresponding transfer parameter. eg: 'PRIVATE' or 'SHARED'
applicationDataTransfers[].applicationTransferStatus string Current status of transfer for this application. (Read-only)

Acceptable values are:
  • "completed"
  • "failed"
  • "inProgress"
  • "pending"
etag etag ETag of the resource.
id string The transfer's ID (Read-only).
kind string Identifies the resource as a DataTransfer request.
newOwnerUserId string ID of the user to whom the data is being transferred.
oldOwnerUserId string ID of the user whose data is being transferred.
overallTransferStatusCode string Overall transfer status (Read-only).

Acceptable values are:
  • "completed"
  • "failed"
  • "inProgress"
requestTime datetime The time at which the data transfer was requested (Read-only).


Retrieves a data transfer request by its resource ID.
Inserts a data transfer request.
Lists the transfers for a customer by source user, destination user, or status.