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Resource representations

JSON template for Customer Resource object in Directory API.

  "kind": "admin#directory#customer",
  "id": string,
  "etag": etag,
  "customerDomain": string,
  "alternateEmail": string,
  "postalAddress": {
    "contactName": string,
    "organizationName": string,
    "locality": string,
    "region": string,
    "countryCode": string,
    "addressLine1": string,
    "addressLine2": string,
    "addressLine3": string,
    "postalCode": string
  "phoneNumber": string,
  "language": string,
  "customerCreationTime": datetime
Property name Value Description Notes
alternateEmail string The customer's secondary contact email address. This email address cannot be on the same domain as the customerDomain
customerCreationTime datetime The customer's creation time (Readonly)
customerDomain string The customer's primary domain name string. Do not include the www prefix when creating a new customer.
etag etag ETag of the resource.
id string The unique ID for the customer's G Suite account. (Readonly)
kind string Identifies the resource as a customer. Value: admin#directory#customer
language string The customer's ISO 639-2 language code. See the Language Codes page for the list of supported codes. Valid language codes outside the supported set will be accepted by the API but may lead to unexpected behavior. The default value is en.
phoneNumber string The customer's contact phone number in E.164 format.
postalAddress nested object The customer's postal address information.
postalAddress.addressLine1 string A customer's physical address. The address can be composed of one to three lines.
postalAddress.addressLine2 string Address line 2 of the address.
postalAddress.addressLine3 string Address line 3 of the address.
postalAddress.contactName string The customer contact's name.
postalAddress.countryCode string This is a required property. For countryCode information see the ISO 3166 country code elements.
postalAddress.locality string Name of the locality. An example of a locality value is the city of San Francisco.
postalAddress.organizationName string The company or company division name.
postalAddress.postalCode string The postal code. A postalCode example is a postal zip code such as 10009. This is in accordance with -
postalAddress.region string Name of the region. An example of a region value is NY for the state of New York.


Retrieves a customer.
Updates a customer. This method supports patch semantics.
Updates a customer.