The Directory API allows you to audit access tokens that have been issued to 3rd party applications using the OAuth protocol. Authorized applications are granted access to a limited scope of user data, defined in the access token.

For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representations

The following JSON template is used for Token resources in the Directory API:

  "kind": "admin#directory#token",
  "etag": etag,
  "clientId": string,
  "displayText": string,
  "anonymous": boolean,
  "nativeApp": boolean,
  "userKey": string,
  "scopes": [
Property name Value Description Notes
anonymous boolean Whether the application is registered with Google. The value is true if the application has an anonymous Client ID.
clientId string The Client ID of the application the token is issued to.
displayText string The displayable name of the application the token is issued to.
etag etag ETag of the resource.
kind string The type of the API resource. This is always admin#directory#token.
nativeApp boolean Whether the token is issued to an installed application. The value is true if the application is installed to a desktop or mobile device.
scopes[] list A list of authorization scopes the application is granted.
userKey string The unique ID of the user that issued the token.


Delete all access tokens issued by a user for an application.
Get information about an access token issued by a user.
Returns the set of tokens specified user has issued to 3rd party applications.