Use Mediation Test Suite to verify bidding setup

The Mediation Test Suite (MTS) is a library which you can include in a debug version of your app to verify your mediation integrations.

To get started with the Mediation Test Suite, review the AdMob documentation.

Once you've installed MTS in your app and familiarized yourself with its usage, you can use it to verify your bidding integration:

Check if bidding ad sources appear for an ad unit

The first step is to verify the bidding ad sources are correctly configured in your AdMob mediation groups and associated with an ad unit.

If an ad unit has a mediation group with an bidding ad source associated with it, there will be a Bidding Ad Sources section in the details for that ad unit.

If no bidding sources appear for the ad unit, try the following:

  • Double check your mediation group to make sure that a bidding ad source is configured, and that the mediation group targets your ad unit.
  • It can take up to an hour for changes in the AdMob UI to propagate to Mediation Test Suite so do retry periodically.

Verify that the adapter and SDK are installed

If the bidding ad source appears in the Ad Unit Details screen for a given ad unit, there will be green/red indicators for the SDK, adapter, and manifest for that ad source.

If the adapter or SDK is missing, they must be added to your app. Refer to the mediation instructions for more information.

Check the SDK and Adapter versions

Once the adapter and SDK are installed, click the ad source. Verify the SDK and Adapter versions from the ad source details screen.

Check with the bidding documentation for the relevant mediation partner or your Google account manager to confirm you are using the latest version, and update using your chosen integration method if needed.

Check if the adapter is initialized correctly

In the ad source detail screen, verify that Adapter Initialization Status is green in the ad source screen. The green checkmark verifies the following:

  • Your adapter has been successfully initialized.
  • You properly configured your app ID in your AndroidManifest.xml file.
  • Your app calls MobileAds.initialize(Content, OnInitializationCompleteListener) when it launches.

Verify that the required ad source parameters are entered

In the ad source details screen there is also the Ad Source Configuration section. All parameters specified should be green, which verifies that a value has been entered for the given parameter. However, this doesn't verify that the values of the configuration parameters are valid or correct.

If you've successfully passed all the checks above, your integration should be functional and ads should serve if the ad source parameters are correct.

If ads are still not serving, it likely means there is an issue with bidding sources and not your app. Check in with your Google account manager or the support team if this appears to be the case.

Test ad loading in real time

You can load ads in the Mediation Test Suite if these conditions are met:

Meeting these conditions results in an enabled Load Ad button, and a test ad can be loaded from the network's bidder.

If you have problems with initializing an adapter, see the troubleshooting section.