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Structured Snippet Header Translations

Structured snippets are ad extensions that provide context on the nature of your product or service. Each snippet contains a header from this list:

Header Definition Examples
Brands Company or product line names Brands: Nest, Nexus, Chromebook
Amenities Desirable or useful features or facilities of a building or place Amenities: Ski Storage, Swimming Pool, Restaurant
Styles Variants of a product Styles: Wingback, Button Tufted, French Country, Swivel, Nailhead, Scalloped
Types Categories or variants of a product or service Types: LED, Incandescent, Halogen, Fluorescent, Metal Halide
Destinations Geographic entities - cities, states, countries, etc. Destinations: Las Vegas, New York, Tokyo, Rome, Cancun, Paris
Services (Service catalog) Services offered Services: Oil change, Smog check, tire alignment
Courses Educational offerings Courses: Linear Algebra, Creative Writing, Data Structures
Neighborhoods Places within a city Neighborhoods: Downtown, Hayes Valley, Mission, Excelsior
Shows TV shows or theater Shows: The Voyage, Knights, American Dancer
Insurance coverage Types of coverage offered by insurance companies Coverage: Liability, Collision, Comprehensive
Degree programs Major subjects of study at an educational institution Degree programs: Accounting, Biology, Psychology
Featured Hotels Hotel names Featured hotels: Luxury Inn, Alpine Lodge, Lakeside Hotel
Models Car product lines Models: Corolla, Camry, Prius

Localized headers

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Localized header strings


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