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enum BudgetOrderError.Reason (v201809)

Enumeration Description
BUDGET_APPROVAL_IN_PROGRESS Existing pending request is being approved.
SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE A server backend was not available.
INVALID_BILLING_ACCOUNT The billing account was invalid.
GENERIC_BILLING_ERROR Unspecified billing service error.
INVALID_BILLING_ACCOUNT_ID_FORMAT The billing account ID format was invalid.
INVALID_BUDGET_DATE_RANGE Budget date range was invalid.
BUDGET_UPDATE_DENIED User does not have permission to update this budget.
BUDGET_ALREADY_STARTED User attempted to cancel a started budget.
BUDGET_ALREADY_ENDED User attempted to change an ended budget.
INVALID_CONSTRAINT Invalid amount, start date or end date specified.
INVALID_BID_TOO_LARGE The bid is too high.
NO_SUCH_BUDGET_FOUND Budget was not found.
INVALID_BUDGET_ALREADY_SPENT The budget cannot be lowered below the amount which has already been spent.
INVALID_TIMEZONE_IN_DATE Time zone from user input is different from user's account time zone.
ACCOUNT_BUDGET_ID_SET_IN_ADD The BudgetOrder's ID was set in an add operation.
MORE_THAN_ONE_OPERATIONS We don't support more than one operation per mutate call.
INVALID_MANAGER_ACCOUNT Manager account not found.