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enum ExtensionSettingError.Reason (v201809)

Error reasons.

Enumeration Description
EXTENSIONS_REQUIRED A platform restriction was provided without input extensions or existing extensions.
FEED_TYPE_EXTENSION_TYPE_MISMATCH The provided feed type does not correspond to the provided extensions.
INVALID_FEED_TYPE The provided feed type cannot be used.
INVALID_FEED_TYPE_FOR_CUSTOMER_EXTENSION_SETTING The provided feed type cannot be used at the customer level.
CANNOT_CHANGE_FEED_ITEM_ON_ADD Can not change a feed item field on an ADD operation.
CANNOT_UPDATE_NEWLY_ADDED_EXTENSION Can not update an extension that is not already in this setting.
NO_EXISTING_AD_GROUP_EXTENSION_SETTING_FOR_TYPE There is no existing AdGroupExtensionSetting for this type.
NO_EXISTING_CAMPAIGN_EXTENSION_SETTING_FOR_TYPE There is no existing CampaignExtensionSetting for this type.
NO_EXISTING_CUSTOMER_EXTENSION_SETTING_FOR_TYPE There is no existing CustomerExtensionSetting for this type.
AD_GROUP_EXTENSION_SETTING_ALREADY_EXISTS The AdGroupExtensionSetting already exists. SET should be used to modify the existing AdGroupExtensionSetting.
CAMPAIGN_EXTENSION_SETTING_ALREADY_EXISTS The CampaignExtensionSetting already exists. SET should be used to modify the existing CampaignExtensionSetting.
CUSTOMER_EXTENSION_SETTING_ALREADY_EXISTS The CustomerExtensionSetting already exists. SET should be used to modify the existing CustomerExtensionSetting.
AD_GROUP_FEED_ALREADY_EXISTS_FOR_PLACEHOLDER_TYPE An active ad group feed already exists for this place holder type.
CAMPAIGN_FEED_ALREADY_EXISTS_FOR_PLACEHOLDER_TYPE An active campaign feed already exists for this place holder type.
CUSTOMER_FEED_ALREADY_EXISTS_FOR_PLACEHOLDER_TYPE An active customer feed already exists for this place holder type.
VALUE_OUT_OF_RANGE Value is not within the accepted range.
CANNOT_SET_WITH_FINAL_URLS Cannot simultaneously set sitelink field with final urls.
CANNOT_SET_WITHOUT_FINAL_URLS Must set field with final urls.
CANNOT_SET_BOTH_DESTINATION_URL_AND_TRACKING_URL_TEMPLATE Cannot simultaneously set sitelink url field with tracking url template.
INVALID_PHONE_NUMBER Phone number for a call extension is invalid.
PHONE_NUMBER_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_COUNTRY Phone number for a call extension is not supported for the given country code.
CARRIER_SPECIFIC_SHORT_NUMBER_NOT_ALLOWED A carrier specific number in short format is not allowed for call extensions.
PREMIUM_RATE_NUMBER_NOT_ALLOWED Premium rate numbers are not allowed for call extensions.
DISALLOWED_NUMBER_TYPE Phone number type for a call extension is not allowed.
INVALID_DOMESTIC_PHONE_NUMBER_FORMAT Phone number for a call extension does not meet domestic format requirements.
VANITY_PHONE_NUMBER_NOT_ALLOWED Vanity phone numbers (i.e. those including letters) are not allowed for call extensions.
INVALID_COUNTRY_CODE Country code provided for a call extension is invalid.
INVALID_CALL_CONVERSION_TYPE_ID Call conversion type id provided for a call extension is invalid.
CUSTOMER_NOT_WHITELISTED_FOR_CALLTRACKING For a call extension, the customer is not whitelisted for call tracking.
CALLTRACKING_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_COUNTRY Call tracking is not supported for the given country for a call extension.
INVALID_APP_ID App id provided for an app extension is invalid.
QUOTES_IN_REVIEW_EXTENSION_SNIPPET Quotation marks present in the review text for a review extension.
HYPHENS_IN_REVIEW_EXTENSION_SNIPPET Hyphen character present in the review text for a review extension.
REVIEW_EXTENSION_SOURCE_INELIGIBLE A blacklisted review source name or url was provided for a review extension.
SOURCE_NAME_IN_REVIEW_EXTENSION_TEXT Review source name should not be found in the review text.
MISSING_FIELD Field must be set.
INCONSISTENT_CURRENCY_CODES Inconsistent currency codes.
PRICE_EXTENSION_HAS_DUPLICATED_HEADERS Price extension cannot have duplicated headers.
PRICE_ITEM_HAS_DUPLICATED_HEADER_AND_DESCRIPTION Price item cannot have duplicated header and description.
PRICE_EXTENSION_HAS_TOO_FEW_ITEMS Price extension has too few items
PRICE_EXTENSION_HAS_TOO_MANY_ITEMS Price extension has too many items
UNSUPPORTED_VALUE The input value is not currently supported.
UNSUPPORTED_VALUE_IN_SELECTED_LANGUAGE The input value is not currently supported in the selected language of an extension.
INVALID_DEVICE_PREFERENCE Unknown or unsupported device preference.
INVALID_SCHEDULE_END Invalid feed item schedule end time (i.e., endHour = 24 and endMinute != 0).
DATE_TIME_MUST_BE_IN_ACCOUNT_TIME_ZONE Date time zone does not match the account's time zone.
OVERLAPPING_SCHEDULES Overlapping feed item schedule times (e.g., 7-10AM and 8-11AM) are not allowed.
SCHEDULE_END_NOT_AFTER_START Feed item schedule end time must be after start time.
TOO_MANY_SCHEDULES_PER_DAY There are too many feed item schedules per day.
DUPLICATE_EXTENSION_FEED_ITEM_EDIT Cannot edit the same extension feed item id twice.
INVALID_SNIPPETS_HEADER Invalid structured snippet header.
PHONE_NUMBER_NOT_SUPPORTED_WITH_CALLTRACKING_FOR_COUNTRY Phone number not supported with call tracking enabled for country.
CAMPAIGN_TARGETING_MISMATCH Targeted adgroup's campaign does not match the targeted campaign.
CANNOT_OPERATE_ON_DELETED_FEED The feed used by the ExtensionSetting is deleted and cannot be operated on. Remove the ExtensionSetting to allow a new one to be created using an active feed.
CONCRETE_EXTENSION_TYPE_REQUIRED Concrete sub type of ExtensionFeedItem is required for this operation.
INCOMPATIBLE_UNDERLYING_MATCHING_FUNCTION The matching function that links the extension feed to the customer, campaign, or ad group is not compatible with the ExtensionSetting services.
INVALID_LANGUAGE_CODE The language code is not valid.
UNSUPPORTED_LANGUAGE The language is not supported.