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enum FeedItemTargetError.Reason (v201809)

The reasons for the error.

Enumeration Description
CRITERION_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED The criterion type given cannot be used for targeting.
FEED_ITEM_TARGET_ALREADY_EXISTS The feed item target specified already exists, so it cannot be added.
NEGATIVE_TARGETING_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_CRITERION_TYPE The type of criterion is not allowed to have negative targeting.
ONLY_MOBILE_TARGETING_IS_SUPPORTED_FOR_PLATFORM_CRITERION Only platform criterion with mobile targeting are supported.
FEED_ITEM_SCHEDULES_CANNOT_OVERLAP The schedules for a given feed item cannot overlap
CRITERION_ID_MUST_BE_SET_FOR_GIVEN_TYPE The type of Criterion requires the criterion id to be set.
TARGET_LIMIT_EXCEEDED_FOR_GIVEN_TYPE Too many targets of a given type were added for a single feed item.
TOO_MANY_SCHEDULES_PER_DAY Too many AdSchedules are active for the feed item for the given day.
CANNOT_HAVE_ACTIVE_CAMPAIGN_AND_ACTIVE_AD_GROUP_TARGETS A feed item may either have an active campaign target or an active ad group target.