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enum FeedMappingError.Reason (v201809)

Enumeration Description
INVALID_PLACEHOLDER_FIELD The given placeholder field does not exist.
INVALID_CRITERION_FIELD The given criterion field does not exist.
INVALID_PLACEHOLDER_TYPE The given placeholder type does not exist.
INVALID_CRITERION_TYPE The given criterion type does not exist.
CANNOT_SET_PLACEHOLDER_TYPE_AND_CRITERION_TYPE Cannot specify both placeholder type and criterion type.
NO_ATTRIBUTE_FIELD_MAPPINGS A feed mapping must contain at least one attribute field mapping.
FEED_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE_MISMATCH The type of the feed attribute referenced in the attribute field mapping must match the type of the placeholder field.
CANNOT_OPERATE_ON_MAPPINGS_FOR_SYSTEM_GENERATED_FEED A feed mapping for a system generated feed cannot be operated on.
MULTIPLE_MAPPINGS_FOR_PLACEHOLDER_TYPE Only one feed mapping for a placeholder type is allowed per feed or customer (depending on the placeholder type).
MULTIPLE_MAPPINGS_FOR_CRITERION_TYPE Only one feed mapping for a criterion type is allowed per customer.
MULTIPLE_MAPPINGS_FOR_PLACEHOLDER_FIELD Only one feed attribute mapping for a placeholder field is allowed (depending on the placeholder type).
MULTIPLE_MAPPINGS_FOR_CRITERION_FIELD Only one feed attribute mapping for a criterion field is allowed (depending on the criterion type).
UNEXPECTED_ATTRIBUTE_FIELD_MAPPINGS This feed mapping may not contain any explicit attribute field mappings.
LOCATION_PLACEHOLDER_ONLY_FOR_PLACES_FEEDS Location placeholder feedmappings can only be created for Places feeds.
CANNOT_MODIFY_MAPPINGS_FOR_TYPED_FEED Mappings for typed feeds cannot be modified.
INVALID_PLACEHOLDER_TYPE_FOR_NON_SYSTEM_GENERATED_FEED The given placeholder type can only be mapped to system generated feeds.
INVALID_PLACEHOLDER_TYPE_FOR_SYSTEM_GENERATED_FEED_TYPE The given placeholder type cannot be mapped to a system generated feed with the given type.