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enum OfflineConversionAdjustmentError.Reason (v201809)

The reasons for an OfflineConversionAdjustmentError.

Enumeration Description
RETRACTION_WITH_VALUE_OR_CURRENCY The retraction incorrectly contains adjusted value or currency. Retractions are intended to nullify conversions and thus should not have an adjusted value or currency.
RESTATEMENT_WITHOUT_VALUE The restatement does not contain an adjusted value.
FUTURE_CONVERSION_TIME This conversion time is in the future. This only occurs when the advertiser is reporting adjustments using gclid and conversion time instead of using order id.
FUTURE_ADJUSTMENT_TIME This adjustment time is in the future.
TOO_RECENT_CONVERSION_TYPE The adjustment's conversion type was created too recently.
INVALID_CONVERSION_TYPE This uploading account does not have a conversion type that matches the conversion type of this adjustment.
CONVERSION_ALREADY_CANCELED A retraction with a different adjustment occurrence timestamp was found for this conversion.
CONVERSION_NOT_FOUND A conversion for the given (order id, conversion name) or (gclid, conversion occurrence time, conversion name) could not be found.
CONVERSION_EXPIRED An expired conversion was found for the given (order id, conversion name) or (gclid, conversion occurrence time, conversion name). Conversions expire after 55 days, after which adjustments cannot be reported against them.
ADJUSTMENT_PRECEDES_CONVERSION The given adjustment occurrence time precedes that of the original conversion.
MORE_RECENT_RESTATEMENT_FOUND A restatement was found with a more recent adjustment occurrence timestamp for the same conversion.
TOO_RECENT_CONVERSION The conversion was created too recently.
INVALID_ORDER_ID A conversion associated with this order id cannot be adjusted because the order id is less than 2 characters or is a static value like "order_id" or "undefined".
CANNOT_RESTATE_CONVERSION_ACTION_THAT_ALWAYS_USES_DEFAULT_CONVERSION_VALUE Restatements cannot be reported for a conversion action that always uses the default value.