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enum TargetingIdeaError.Reason (v201809)

An enumeration of TargetingIdeaService specific errors.

Enumeration Description
DUPLICATE_SEARCH_FILTER_TYPES_PRESENT Error returned when there are multiple instance of same type of SearchParameters.
INSUFFICIENT_SEARCH_PARAMETERS Error returned when the TargetingIdeaSelector doesn't have enough SearchParameters to execute request.
INVALID_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE Error returned when an AttributeType doesn't match the IdeaType specified in the TargetingIdeaSelector. For example, if the KEYWORD IDEAS selector contains an STATS only AttributeType, this error will be returned.
INVALID_SEARCH_PARAMETERS Error returned when a SearchParameter doesn't match the IdeaType specified in the TargetingIdeaSelector or is otherwise invalid. Error trigger usually contains the parameter name, and error details contain a more detailed explanation.
INVALID_DOMAIN_SUFFIX Error returned when the TargetingIdeaSelector contains a DomainSuffixSearchParameters that contains an invalid domain suffix.
MUTUALLY_EXCLUSIVE_SEARCH_PARAMETERS_IN_QUERY Error returned when a selector contains mutually exclusive parameters.
SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE Error returned when the TargetingIdeaService is not available.
INVALID_URL_IN_SEARCH_PARAMETER Error returned when the URL value specified in the TargetingIdeaSelector, such as RelatedToUrlSearchParameter, is not a valid URL.
TOO_MANY_RESULTS_REQUESTED Error returned when the requested number of entries in TargetingIdeaSelector's Paging is greater than the maximum allowed.
NO_PAGING_IN_SELECTOR Error returned when the requested Paging is missing from the TargetingIdeaSelector when required.
INVALID_INCLUDED_EXCLUDED_KEYWORDS Error returned when included keywords and excluded keywords in IdeaTextFilterSearchParameter, IdeaTextMatchesSearchParameter or ExcludedKeywordSearchParameter are overlapped.