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enum FunctionError.Reason (v201809)

The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
INVALID_FUNCTION_FORMAT The format of the function is not recognized as a supported function format.
DATA_TYPE_MISMATCH Operand data types do not match.
INVALID_CONJUNCTION_OPERANDS The operands cannot be used together in a conjunction.
INVALID_NUMBER_OF_OPERANDS Invalid numer of Operands.
INVALID_OPERAND_TYPE Operand Type not supported.
INVALID_OPERATOR Operator not supported.
INVALID_REQUEST_CONTEXT_TYPE Request context type not supported.
INVALID_FUNCTION_FOR_CALL_PLACEHOLDER The matching function is not allowed for call placeholders
INVALID_FUNCTION_FOR_PLACEHOLDER The matching function is not allowed for the specified placeholder
INVALID_OPERAND Invalid operand.
MISSING_CONSTANT_OPERAND_VALUE Missing value for the constant operand.
INVALID_CONSTANT_OPERAND_VALUE The value of the constant operand is invalid.
INVALID_NESTING Invalid function nesting.
MULTIPLE_FEED_IDS_NOT_SUPPORTED The Feed ID was different from another Feed ID in the same function.
INVALID_FUNCTION_FOR_FEED_WITH_FIXED_SCHEMA The matching function is invalid for use with a feed with a fixed schema.
INVALID_ATTRIBUTE_NAME Invalid attribute name.