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enum TrialError.Reason (v201809)

Error codes defined by TrialError.

Enumeration Description
INVALID_STATUS_TRANSITION Trial status cannot be updated from the current status to the requested target status.
CANNOT_USE_TRIAL_WITH_SHARED_BUDGET Cannot create a trial from a campaign using an explicitly shared budget.
CANNOT_CREATE_TRIAL_WHEN_CAMPAIGN_HAS_ACTIVE_EXPERIMENTS Cannot create a trial as long as the campaign has a running or scheduled Advertiser Campaign Experiment.
CANNOT_CREATE_TRIAL_FOR_DELETED_BASE_CAMPAIGN Cannot create a trial for a base campaign, which is deleted.
CANNOT_CREATE_TRIAL_FOR_NON_PROPOSED_DRAFT Cannot create a trial from a draft, which has a status other than proposed.
CUSTOMER_CANNOT_CREATE_TRIAL This customer is not allowed to create a trial.
CAMPAIGN_CANNOT_CREATE_TRIAL This campaign is not allowed to create a trial.
NAME_ALREADY_IN_USE Trying to use a trial name which is already assigned to another campaign or trial.
TRIAL_DURATIONS_MUST_NOT_OVERLAP Trying to set a trial duration which overlaps with another trial.
TRIAL_DURATION_MUST_BE_WITHIN_CAMPAIGN_DURATION All non-archived trials must start and end within their campaign's duration.