Universal Analytics Upgrade Center

Universal Analytics is the new operating standard for Google Analytics; however, many sites and applications still use outdated tracking libraries to send data to Google Analytics.

It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to use a Universal Analytics tracking library such as analytics.js or the latest mobile SDKs for Android and iOS.

Upgrade guides

The following guides will walk you through upgrading your tracking implementation to use Universal Analytics:

Important Considerations

  • Custom dimensions are the new custom variables in analytics.js or Mobile SDK v2.x or higher.
    Custom variables have been replaced by custom dimensions in analytics.js, v2.x or higher of the Mobile SDKs, and the Measurement Protocol. If you update your tracking code to use any of these libraries or protocols, you need to replace your custom variables with custom dimensions instead. Learn more about custom dimensions. If you continue to use ga.js or v1.x of the Mobile SDKs, you can continue to use custom variables and these values will continue to be processed. Note, however, that custom variable and custom dimension data can’t be combined in the same report. You must use one report to analyze your custom variable data and another to analyze your custom dimension data. To analyze custom variable and custom dimension data together, export both data sets and combine them outside of Google Analytics. A tool that can help you with this is the Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on.
  • The behavior of setting campaign timeout to 0 in analytics.js differs from that in ga.js.
    In classic analytics (ga.js), if you call _setCampaignCookieTimeout() to set campaign timeout to 0, the campaign will persist as long as the current session or for the period the browser is open. Analytics.js does not use campaign cookies, so this feature will not work.