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Resource representations

An Edit resource identifies a modification to an Android app.

  "id": string,
  "expiryTimeSeconds": string
Property name Value Description Notes
expiryTimeSeconds string The time at which the edit will expire and will be no longer valid for use in any subsequent API calls (encoded as seconds since the Epoch).
id string Unique identifier for this edit.


Commits/applies the changes made in this edit back to the app.
Deletes an edit for an app. Creating a new edit will automatically delete any of your previous edits so this method need only be called if you want to preemptively abandon an edit.
Returns information about the edit specified. Calls will fail if the edit is no long active (e.g. has been deleted, superseded or expired).
Creates a new edit for an app, populated with the app's current state.
Checks that the edit can be successfully committed. The edit's changes are not applied to the live app.