public abstract class AdManagerInterstitialAd extends InterstitialAd

A full page ad experience at natural transition points such as a page change, an app launch, or a game level load for Google Ad Manager publishers. Interstitials use a close button that removes the ad from the user's experience.

Sample code:

 public class MyActivity extends Activity {
     private AdManagerInterstitialAd adManagerInterstitialAd;
     private Button nextLevelButton;
     private TextView textView;

     public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

         // Create a full screen content callback.
         FullScreenContentCallback fullScreenContentCallback = new FullScreenContentCallback() {
             public void onAdDismissedFullScreenContent() {
                adManagerInterstitialAd = null;
                // Proceed to the next level.

         // Load an Google Ad Manager interstitial ad. When a natural transition in the app occurs
         // (such as a level ending in a game), show the interstitial. In this simple example, the
         // press of a button is used instead.
         // If the button is clicked before the interstitial is loaded, the user should proceed to
         // the next part of the app (in this case, the next level).
         // If the interstitial is finished loading, the user will view the interstitial before
         // proceeding.
             new AdManagerAdRequest.Builder().build(),
             new AdManagerInterstitialAdLoadCallback() {
                 public void onAdLoaded(@NonNull AdManagerInterstitialAd ad) {
                     adManagerInterstitialAd = ad;

                 public void onAdFailedToLoad(@NonNull LoadAdError adError) {
                     // Code to be executed when an ad request fails.

         // Create the button to go to the next level.
         nextLevelButton = new Button(this);
         nextLevelButton.setText("Next Level");
         nextLevelButton.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
             public void onClick(View view) {
                 // Show the interstitial if it is ready. Otherwise, proceed to the next level
                 // without ever showing it.
                 if (adManagerInterstitialAd != null) {
                 } else {
                     // Proceed to the next level.

         // Add the next level button to the layout.
         LinearLayout layout = new LinearLayout(this);

         // Create a TextView to display the current level.
         textView = new TextView(this);
         textView.setText("Level 1");


     public void goToNextLevel() {
         // Show the next level, and disable the next level button since there are no more levels.
         textView.setText("Level 2");

Public Constructor Summary

Public Method Summary

abstract AppEventListener
static void
load(Context context, String adUnitId, AdManagerAdRequest adManagerAdRequest, AdManagerInterstitialAdLoadCallback loadCallback)
abstract void

Inherited Method Summary

Public Constructors

public AdManagerInterstitialAd ()

Public Methods

public abstract AppEventListener getAppEventListener ()

public static void load (Context context, String adUnitId, AdManagerAdRequest adManagerAdRequest, AdManagerInterstitialAdLoadCallback loadCallback)

context The context.
adUnitId The ad unit ID.
adManagerAdRequest An ad request with targeting information.
loadCallback A callback to be invoked when a Google Ad Manager interstitial ad finishes loading.

public abstract void setAppEventListener (AppEventListener appEventListener)