SeekRequestData.SeekResumeState The state enum for the action to take after the seek operation has finished. 


MediaManager.MediaStatusInterceptor Interceptor interface for MediaStatus. 


EditAudioTracksData Data structure for edit audio tracks command requests. 
EditTracksInfoData Data structure for edit track info command requests. 
FetchItemsRequestData Request data structure for fetching more items relative to a media item. 
MediaCommandCallback Callback for Cast media commands. 
MediaInfoModifier The modifier to override the MediaInfo auto-generated from MediaSession, and provide additional fields that are not in MediaSession. 
MediaInfoWriter The writer class to modify a MediaInfo instance. 
MediaLoadCommandCallback Callback for Cast load commands. 
MediaManager Manager class for all media status and commands. 
MediaMetadataModifier The class to modify the MediaMetadata of the media info in media status. 
MediaQueueItemWriter The modifier to modify MediaQueueItem
MediaQueueManager The class for manipulating the media queue which overrides the default queue translated from MediaSession. 
MediaResumeSessionRequestData The data structure for a resume session request. 
MediaStatusModifier The modifier to override the base MediaStatus auto-generated from MediaSession, and provide additional status that are not in MediaSession. 
MediaStatusWriter The writer class to make modifications on a MediaStatus instance. 
MediaTracksModifier Modifier class for managing media tracks. 
QueueInsertRequestData Data structure for queue insert command requests. 
QueueRemoveRequestData Data structure for queue remove command requests. 
QueueReorderRequestData Data structure for queue reorder command requests. 
QueueUpdateRequestData Data structure for queue update command requests. 
SeekRequestData Data structure for seek command requests. 
SetPlaybackRateRequestData Data structure for set playback rate command requests. 
StoreSessionRequestData Request data for storing session state for stream transfer. 
StoreSessionResponseData The response data for STORE_SESSION events. 
StoreSessionResponseData.Builder Builder of StoreSessionResponseData
UserActionRequestData Data structure for user action requests in command and command namespace. 


MediaException Exception when processing Media, used in MediaLoadCommandCallback and MediaCommandCallback