Contains the Google Fit data model.


Goal.ObjectiveType Type of a goal's objective. 
Goal.Recurrence.RecurrenceUnit Unit of a recurrence. 


BleDevice This class is deprecated. Use BluetoothManager directly.  
Bucket A bucket represents a time interval over which aggregated data is computed. 
DataPoint Represents a single data point in a data type's stream from a particular data source
DataPoint.Builder Builder for DataPoint instances. 
DataSet Represents a fixed set of data points in a data type's stream from a particular data source
DataSet.Builder Builder used to create new data sets
DataSource Definition of a unique source of sensor data. 
DataSource.Builder A builder that can be used to construct new data source objects. 
DataType The data type defines the schema for a stream of data being collected by, inserted into, or queried from Google Fit. 
DataUpdateNotification Captures the information needed to identify updates to Google Fitness Store data. 
Device Representation of an integrated device (such as a phone or a wearable) that can hold sensors. 
Field A field represents one dimension of a data type. 
Goal A fitness goal, which users create in Google Fit. 
Goal.DurationObjective A duration objective, which uses duration time of activities to determine whether the goal is met. 
Goal.FrequencyObjective A frequency objective, which uses the number of activity segments to determine whether the goal is met. 
Goal.MetricObjective A metric objective, which uses a metric value to determine whether the goal is met. 
Goal.Recurrence A recurrence period of a recurring goal. 
HealthDataTypes Predefined health-specific data types. 
HealthFields Predefined fields only used by health-specific data types in HealthDataTypes
Session A Session represents a time interval with associated metadata. 
Session.Builder Builder used to create new Sessions. 
SleepStages Constants representing different sleep stages, such as light sleep, deep sleep. 
Subscription Subscription for persistent storage of data from a given data source or for a given data type
Value Holder object for the value of a single field in a data point
WorkoutExercises Constants representing different exercises, such as weightlifting exercises, strength training exercises, and cardiovascular exercises. 


Goal.MismatchedGoalException Exception thrown by Goal.getMetricObjective(), Goal.getDurationObjective(), Goal.getFrequencyObjective() if the goal doesn't match the requested objective type.