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ExposureWindow.ReportType Report type. 
ReportType Report type defined for an TemporaryExposureKey
RiskLevel Risk level defined for an TemporaryExposureKey


ExposureNotificationClient Interface for contact tracing APIs. 


ExposureConfiguration Exposure configuration parameters that can be provided when initializing the service. 
ExposureConfiguration.ExposureConfigurationBuilder A builder for ExposureConfiguration
ExposureInformation Information about an exposure, meaning a single diagnosis key over a contiguous period of time specified by durationMinutes. 
ExposureInformation.ExposureInformationBuilder A builder for ExposureInformation
ExposureNotificationStatusCodes Status codes for nearby contact tracing results. 
ExposureSummary Summary information about recent exposures. 
ExposureSummary.ExposureSummaryBuilder A builder for ExposureSummary
ExposureWindow A duration of up to 30 minutes during which beacons from a TEK were observed. 
ExposureWindow.Builder Builder for ExposureWindow. 
ScanInstance Information about the sighting of a TEK within a BLE scan (of a few seconds). 
ScanInstance.Builder Builder for ScanInstance. 
TemporaryExposureKey A key generated for advertising over a window of time. 
TemporaryExposureKey.TemporaryExposureKeyBuilder A builder for TemporaryExposureKey