RecaptchaActionType.Action User interaction that needs to be verified while the user is performing the workflow you would like to protect. 


RecaptchaClient The main entry point for interacting with the reCAPTCHA API. 


Recaptcha The reCAPTCHA API provides access to Google Cloud services that help you protect your app from spam and other abusive actions. 
RecaptchaAction Actions (e.g., login) intended to be protected by reCAPTCHA. 
RecaptchaActionType Collection of predefined actions used by RecaptchaHandle. 
RecaptchaHandle Information pertaining to reCAPTCHA handle, which is used to identify the initialized reCAPTCHA service. 
RecaptchaOptionalObject<T> Class for wrapping an optional object (i.e., an immutable object that may contain a non-null reference to another object) to be used in VerificationResult
RecaptchaResultData Information pertaining to reCAPTCHA result data. 
RecaptchaStatusCodes Status codes for the reCAPTCHA API. 
VerificationHandle Stores the information required to verify an account. 
VerificationResult Immmutable object to hold the result of a verification operation. 


HttpStatusException Exception thrown when the server returns a non-200 response code. 
RecaptchaNetworkException Exception thrown when the mobile client fails to connect to the reCAPTCHA server.