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The Firebase App Indexing API lets apps index personal content and log user actions with Google. For more information, see: //

This package contains all the classes needed to integrate with the API. For indexing content in the app, refer to FirebaseAppIndex. For logging user actions, refer to FirebaseUserActions.


Action Represents an action taken by the user within the app. 
Action.Metadata Represents the metadata for an Action
Indexable Represents an indexable unit. 
Indexable.Metadata Represents the metadata for an Indexable


Action.Builder The builder for Action
Action.Metadata.Builder The builder for Action.Metadata
AndroidAppUri Represents an Android app URI. 
FirebaseAppIndex Provides methods for managing the index, by inserting, updating and removing Indexables in the app. 
FirebaseUserActions Provides methods for logging actions that the user takes in the app. 
Indexable.Builder The builder for Indexable
Indexable.Metadata.Builder The builder for Indexable.Metadata
Scope The Scope options for an Indexable


FirebaseAppIndexingException Class of exceptions thrown by the Firebase App Indexing API. 
FirebaseAppIndexingInvalidArgumentException The exception that is thrown if an invalid argument is provided to one of the Firebase App Indexing API methods. 
FirebaseAppIndexingTooManyArgumentsException The exception that is thrown if the number of arguments passed to a Firebase App Indexing API method in a single call exceeds the allowed maximum of Indexable.MAX_INDEXABLES_TO_BE_UPDATED_IN_ONE_CALL