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ActionCodeResult.ActionDataKey Keys to access the account information related to an out of band code. 
ActionCodeResult.Operation Holds the possible operations that an out of band code can perform, which are password reset, verify email, and recover email. 


ActionCodeResult Interface for holding the information related to an out of band code. 
AdditionalUserInfo Object that contains additional user information as a result of a successful sign-in, link, or re-authentication operation. 
AuthResult Result object obtained from operations that can affect the authentication state. 
FirebaseAuth.AuthStateListener Listener called when there is a change in the authentication state. 
FirebaseAuth.IdTokenListener Listener called when the id token is changed. 
FirebaseAuthProvider Represents the Firebase Authentication provider type. 
FirebaseUserMetadata Holds the user metadata for the current FirebaseUser  
SignInMethodQueryResult Result object of a call to FirebaseAuth.fetchSignInMethodsForEmail(String)
UserInfo Represents a collection of standard profile information for a user. 


ActionCodeEmailInfo Holds information regarding out-of-band operations that involve an email change. 
ActionCodeInfo Holds information regarding different out of band operations. 
ActionCodeMultiFactorInfo Holds information regarding out of band operations that involve an multi-factor authentication. 
ActionCodeSettings Structure that contains the required continue/state URL with optional Android and iOS bundle identifiers. 
ActionCodeSettings.Builder A Builder class for ActionCodeSettings
ActionCodeUrl A utility class to parse parameters in action code URLs from out of band email flows. 
AuthCredential Represents a credential that the Firebase Authentication server can use to authenticate a user. 
EmailAuthCredential Wraps an email and password tuple for authentication purposes. 
EmailAuthProvider Represents the email and password authentication mechanism. 
FacebookAuthCredential Wraps a Facebook Login access token for authentication purposes. 
FacebookAuthProvider Represents the Facebook Login authentication provider. 
FederatedAuthProvider Abstract representation of an arbitrary federated authentication provider. 
FirebaseAuth The entry point of the Firebase Authentication SDK. 
FirebaseAuthSettings Enables the configuration of FirebaseAuth related settings. 
FirebaseUser Represents a user's profile information in your Firebase project's user database. 
GetTokenResult Result object that contains a Firebase Auth ID Token. 
GithubAuthCredential Wraps a Github OAuth access token for authentication purposes. 
GithubAuthProvider Represents the Github authentication provider. 
GoogleAuthCredential Wraps a Google Sign-In ID token and/or access token, for authentication purposes. 
GoogleAuthProvider Represents the Google Sign-In authentication provider. 
MultiFactor Defines multi-factor related properties and operations pertaining to a FirebaseUser
MultiFactorAssertion Represents an assertion that the Firebase Authentication server can use to authenticate a user as part of a multi-factor flow. 
MultiFactorInfo Represents a single second factor means for the user. 
MultiFactorResolver Utility class that contains methods to resolve second factor requirements on users that have opted into two-factor authentication. 
MultiFactorSession Identifies the current session to enroll a second factor or to complete sign in when previously enrolled. 
OAuthCredential Holds credentials generated by a sign-in with a credential to an IDP that uses OAuth  
OAuthProvider Represents the login authentication provider for a generic OAuth2 provider. 
OAuthProvider.Builder Class used to create instances of OAuthProvider
OAuthProvider.CredentialBuilder Builder class to initialize AuthCredential's. 
PhoneAuthCredential Wraps phone number and verification information for authentication purposes. 
PhoneAuthOptions Options object for configuring phone validation flows in PhoneAuthProvider
PhoneAuthOptions.Builder A Builder class for PhoneAuthOptions
PhoneAuthProvider Represents the phone number authentication mechanism. 
PhoneAuthProvider.ForceResendingToken A 'token' that can be used to force re-sending an SMS verification code. 
PhoneAuthProvider.OnVerificationStateChangedCallbacks Registered callbacks for the different phone auth events. 
PhoneMultiFactorAssertion Asserts ownership of a phone number second factor. 
PhoneMultiFactorGenerator Helper class used to generate PhoneMultiFactorAssertions. 
PhoneMultiFactorInfo Represents the information for a phone second factor. 
PlayGamesAuthCredential Wraps a Google Play Games Server Auth Code, for authentication purposes. 
PlayGamesAuthProvider Represents the Google Play Games authentication provider. 
TwitterAuthCredential Wraps a Log in with Twitter token and secret tuple for authentication purposes. 
TwitterAuthProvider Represents the Twitter authentication provider. 
UserProfileChangeRequest Request used to update user profile information. 
UserProfileChangeRequest.Builder The request builder. 


FirebaseAuthActionCodeException Represents the exception which is a result of an expired or an invalid out of band code. 
FirebaseAuthEmailException Represents the exception which is a result of an attempt to send an email via Firebase Auth (e.g. 
FirebaseAuthException Generic exception related to Firebase Authentication. 
FirebaseAuthInvalidCredentialsException Thrown when one or more of the credentials passed to a method fail to identify and/or authenticate the user subject of that operation. 
FirebaseAuthInvalidUserException Thrown when performing an operation on a FirebaseUser instance that is no longer valid. 
FirebaseAuthMultiFactorException This exception is returned when a user that previously enrolled a second factor tries to sign in and passes the first factor successfully. 
FirebaseAuthRecentLoginRequiredException Thrown on security sensitive operations on a FirebaseUser instance that require the user to have signed in recently, when the requirement isn't met. 
FirebaseAuthUserCollisionException Thrown when an operation on a FirebaseUser instance couldn't be completed due to a conflict with another existing user. 
FirebaseAuthWeakPasswordException Thrown when using a weak password (less than 6 chars) to create a new account or to update an existing account's password. 
FirebaseAuthWebException Thrown when a web operation couldn't be completed.