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ShortDynamicLink.Suffix Path generation option for short Dynamic Link length  


ShortDynamicLink Response from DynamicLink.Builder.buildShortDynamicLink() that returns the shortened Dynamic Link, link flow chart, and warnings from the requested Dynamic Link. 
ShortDynamicLink.Warning Information about potential warnings on short Dynamic Link creation. 


DynamicLink Contains Builders for constructing Dynamic Links. 
DynamicLink.AndroidParameters Android parameters. 
DynamicLink.AndroidParameters.Builder Builder for Android parameters. 
DynamicLink.Builder Builder for creating Dynamic Links. 
DynamicLink.GoogleAnalyticsParameters Google Analytics parameters. 
DynamicLink.GoogleAnalyticsParameters.Builder Builder for Google Analytics parameters. 
DynamicLink.IosParameters iOS parameters. 
DynamicLink.IosParameters.Builder Builder for iOS parameters. 
DynamicLink.ItunesConnectAnalyticsParameters iTunes Connect App Analytics parameters. 
DynamicLink.ItunesConnectAnalyticsParameters.Builder Builder for iTunes Connect App Analytics parameters. 
DynamicLink.NavigationInfoParameters Navigation info parameters. 
DynamicLink.NavigationInfoParameters.Builder Builder for navigation info parameters. 
DynamicLink.SocialMetaTagParameters Social meta-tag parameters. 
DynamicLink.SocialMetaTagParameters.Builder Builder for social meta-tag parameters. 
FirebaseDynamicLinks Provides access to dynamic links that are received by an app at launch. 
PendingDynamicLinkData Provides accessor methods to dynamic links data.