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FirebaseVisionCloudDocumentRecognizerOptions Represents the cloud document recognizer options. 
FirebaseVisionCloudDocumentRecognizerOptions.Builder Builder of FirebaseVisionCloudDocumentRecognizerOptions
FirebaseVisionDocumentText Represents detected text by FirebaseVisionDocumentTextRecognizer
FirebaseVisionDocumentText.Block A logical element on the page. 
FirebaseVisionDocumentText.Paragraph A structural unit of text representing a number of words in certain order. 
FirebaseVisionDocumentText.RecognizedBreak Detected start or end of a structural component. 
FirebaseVisionDocumentText.Symbol A single symbol representation. 
FirebaseVisionDocumentText.Word A single word representation. 
FirebaseVisionDocumentTextRecognizer Detector for performing optical character recognition(OCR) on an input image by sending the image to Google cloud ML backend.