public static class Barcode.Phone extends Object

Phone number info.

Nested Class Summary

@interface Barcode.Phone.FormatType Phone number format type constants. 

Constant Summary

int TYPE_FAX Fax machine.
int TYPE_HOME Home phone.
int TYPE_MOBILE Mobile phone.
int TYPE_UNKNOWN Unknown phone type.
int TYPE_WORK Work phone.

Public Method Summary

Gets phone number.
Gets type of the phone number.

Inherited Method Summary


public static final int TYPE_FAX

Fax machine.

Constant Value: 3

public static final int TYPE_HOME

Home phone.

Constant Value: 2

public static final int TYPE_MOBILE

Mobile phone.

Constant Value: 4

public static final int TYPE_UNKNOWN

Unknown phone type.

Constant Value: 0

public static final int TYPE_WORK

Work phone.

Constant Value: 1

Public Methods

public String getNumber ()

Gets phone number.

Returns null if not available.

public int getType ()

Gets type of the phone number.

See also Barcode.Phone.FormatType.