Google API Client Library for .NET  1.10.0
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Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError Class Reference

Collection of server errors More...

Public Types

enum  ErrorCodes { ErrorCodes.ETagConditionFailed = 412 }
 Enumeration of known error codes which may occur during a request. More...

Public Member Functions

override string ToString ()


IList< SingleErrorErrors [get, set]
 Contains a list of all errors More...
int Code [get, set]
 The error code returned More...
string Message [get, set]
 The error message returned More...

Detailed Description

Collection of server errors

Member Enumeration Documentation

Enumeration of known error codes which may occur during a request.


The ETag condition specified caused the ETag verification to fail. Depending on the ETagAction of the request this either means that a change to the object has been made on the server, or that the object in question is still the same and has not been changed.

Property Documentation

int Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError.Code

The error code returned

IList<SingleError> Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError.Errors

Contains a list of all errors

string Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError.Message

The error message returned

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