Google API Client Library for .NET  1.10.0
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.Responses.AuthorizationCodeResponseUrlAuthorization Code response for the redirect URL after end user grants or denies authorization as specified in
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.Web.AuthorizationCodeWebAppThread safe OAuth 2.0 authorization code flow for a web application that persists end-user credentials.
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.Requests.AuthorizationRequestUrlOAuth 2.0 request URL for an authorization web page to allow the end user to authorize the application to access their protected resources, as specified in
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.Web.AuthorizationCodeWebApp.AuthResultAuthResult which contains the user's credentials if it was loaded successfully from the store. Otherwise it contains the redirect URI for the authorization server.
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.Web.AuthWebUtilityAuth Utility methods for web development.
oCGoogle.Apis.Requests.BatchRequestA batch request which represents individual requests to Google servers. You should add a single service request using the Queue method and execute all individual requests using ExecuteAsync(). More information about the batch protocol is available in
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.BearerTokenOAuth 2.0 helper for accessing protected resources using the Bearer token as specified in
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.ClientSecretsClient credential details for installed and web applications.
oCGoogle.Apis.Http.CreateHttpClientArgsArguments for creating a HTTP client.
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.Mvc.FlowMetadataFlow metadata abstract class which contains the reference to the Google.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.Flows.IAuthorizationCodeFlow and method to get the user identifier.
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.GoogleClientSecretsOAuth 2.0 client secrets model as specified in
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.GoogleJsonWebSignatureGoogle JSON Web Signature as specified in
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.Requests.GoogleRevokeTokenRequestGoogle OAuth 2.0 request to revoke an access token as specified in
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.GoogleWebAuthorizationBrokerA helper utility to manage the authorization code flow.
oCGoogle.Apis.Http.HandleExceptionArgsArgument class to IHttpExceptionHandler.HandleExceptionAsync.
oCGoogle.Apis.Http.HandleUnsuccessfulResponseArgsArgument class to IHttpUnsuccessfulResponseHandler.HandleResponseAsync.
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.JsonWebToken.HeaderJWT Header as specified in
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.IAccessMethodMethod of presenting the access token to the resource server as specified in
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.IAuthorizationCodeInstalledAppAuthorization code flow for an installed application that persists end-user credentials.
oCGoogle.Apis.Util.IBackOffStrategy interface to control back-off between retry attempts.
oCGoogle.Apis.Requests.IClientServiceRequestA client service request which supports both sync and async execution to get the stream.
oCGoogle.Apis.Util.IClockClock wrapper for getting the current time.
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.ICodeReceiverOAuth 2.0 verification code receiver.
oCGoogle.Apis.Http.IConfigurableHttpClientInitializerHTTP client initializer for changing the default behavior of HTTP client. Use this initializer to change default values like timeout and number of tries. You can also set different handlers and interceptors like IHttpUnsuccessfulResponseHandlers, IHttpExceptionHandlers and IHttpExecuteInterceptors.
oCGoogle.Apis.Util.Store.IDataStoreStores and manages data objects, where the key is a string and the value is an object
oCGoogle.Apis.Requests.IDirectResponseSchemaInterface containing additional response-properties which will be added to every schema type which is a direct response to a request.
oCGoogle.Apis.Download.IDownloadProgressReports download progress.
oCIEnumerable< T >
oCGoogle.Apis.Http.IHttpClientFactoryHTTP client factory creates configurable HTTP clients. A unique HTTP client should be created for each service.
oCGoogle.Apis.Http.IHttpExceptionHandlerException handler is invoked when an exception is thrown during a HTTP request.
oCGoogle.Apis.Http.IHttpExecuteInterceptorHTTP request execute interceptor to intercept a System.Net.Http.HttpRequestMessage before it has been sent. Sample usage is attaching "Authorization" header to a request.
oCGoogle.Apis.Http.IHttpUnsuccessfulResponseHandlerUnsuccessful response handler which is invoked when an abnormal HTTP response is returned when sending a HTTP request.
oCGoogle.Apis.Logging.ILoggerDescribes a logging interface which is used for outputting messages.
oCGoogle.Apis.Download.IMediaDownloaderMedia download which uses download file part by part, by ChunkSize.
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.ServiceCredential.InitializerAn initializer class for the service credential.
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.Flows.AuthorizationCodeFlow.InitializerAn initializer class for the authorization code flow.
oCGoogle.Apis.Services.BaseClientService.InitializerAn initializer class for the client service.
oCGoogle.Apis.Http.BackOffHandler.InitializerAn initializer class to initialize a back-off handler.
oCGoogle.Apis.Discovery.IParameterRepresents a parameter for a method.
oCGoogle.Apis.ISerializerSerialization interface that supports serialize and deserialize methods.
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.ITokenAccessAllows direct retrieval of access tokens to authenticate requests. This is necessary for workflows where you don't want to use T:Google.Apis.Services.BaseClientService to access the API. (e.g. gRPC that implemenents the entire HTTP2 stack internally).
oCGoogle.Apis.Upload.IUploadProgressInterface reporting upload progress.
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.JsonCredentialParametersHolder for credential parameters read from JSON credential file. Fields are union of parameters for all supported credential types.
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.JsonWebSignatureJSON Web Signature (JWS) implementation as specified in
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.JsonWebTokenJSON Web Token (JWT) implementation as specified in
oCList< KeyValuePair< string, string >>
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.JsonWebToken.PayloadJWT Payload as specified in
oCGoogle.Apis.Requests.RequestBuilderUtility class for building a URI using BuildUri or a HTTP request using CreateRequest from the query and path parameters of a REST call.
oCGoogle.Apis.Requests.RequestErrorCollection of server errors
oCGoogle.Apis.Upload.ResumableUpload< TRequest >Media upload which uses Google's resumable media upload protocol to upload data.
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.SerializableWebAuthResultContains the WebAuthenticationResult data. WebAuthenticationResult doesn't have an empty constructor, and as a result it can't be deserialized.
oCGoogle.Apis.Requests.SingleErrorA single server error
oCGoogle.Apis.Util.StandardResponse< InnerType >Calls to Google Api return StandardResponses as Json with two properties Data, being the return type of the method called and Error, being any errors that occure.
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.Responses.TokenErrorResponseOAuth 2.0 model for a unsuccessful access token response as specified in
oCGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.Requests.TokenRequestOAuth 2.0 request for an access token as specified in
\CGoogle.Apis.Auth.OAuth2.Responses.TokenResponseOAuth 2.0 model for a successful access token response as specified in