Google API Client Library for .NET  1.10.0
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Package Google.Apis.Http


class  BackOffHandler
 A thread-safe back-off handler which handles an abnormal HTTP response or an exception with Google.Apis.Util.IBackOff. More...
class  ConfigurableHttpClient
 Configurable HTTP client inherits from System.Net.Http.HttpClient and contains a reference to Google.Apis.Http.ConfigurableMessageHandler. More...
class  ConfigurableMessageHandler
 A message handler which contains the main logic of our HTTP requests. It contains a list of IHttpUnsuccessfulResponseHandlers for handling abnormal responses, a list of IHttpExceptionHandlers for handling exception in a request and a list of IHttpExecuteInterceptors for intercepting a request before it has been sent to the server. It also contains important properties like number of tries, follow redirect, etc. More...
class  ExponentialBackOffInitializer
 An initializer which adds exponential back-off as exception handler and \ or unsuccessful response handler by the given ExponentialBackOffPolicy. More...
class  HttpClientFactory
 The default implementation of the HTTP client factory. More...
class  HttpConsts
 HTTP constants.
class  HttpExtenstions
 Extension methods to System.Net.Http.HttpRequestMessage and System.Net.Http.HttpResponseMessage.
interface  IConfigurableHttpClientInitializer
 HTTP client initializer for changing the default behavior of HTTP client. Use this initializer to change default values like timeout and number of tries. You can also set different handlers and interceptors like IHttpUnsuccessfulResponseHandlers, IHttpExceptionHandlers and IHttpExecuteInterceptors. More...
class  CreateHttpClientArgs
 Arguments for creating a HTTP client. More...
interface  IHttpClientFactory
 HTTP client factory creates configurable HTTP clients. A unique HTTP client should be created for each service. More...
class  HandleExceptionArgs
 Argument class to IHttpExceptionHandler.HandleExceptionAsync. More...
interface  IHttpExceptionHandler
 Exception handler is invoked when an exception is thrown during a HTTP request. More...
interface  IHttpExecuteInterceptor
 HTTP request execute interceptor to intercept a System.Net.Http.HttpRequestMessage before it has been sent. Sample usage is attaching "Authorization" header to a request. More...
class  HandleUnsuccessfulResponseArgs
 Argument class to IHttpUnsuccessfulResponseHandler.HandleResponseAsync. More...
interface  IHttpUnsuccessfulResponseHandler
 Unsuccessful response handler which is invoked when an abnormal HTTP response is returned when sending a HTTP request. More...
class  MaxUrlLengthInterceptor
 Intercepts HTTP GET requests with a URLs longer than a specified maximum number of characters. The interceptor will change such requests as follows:

  • The request's method will be changed to POST
  • A X-HTTP-Method-Override header will be added with the value GET
  • Any query parameters from the URI will be moved into the body of the request.
  • If query parameters are moved, the content type is set to application/x-www-form-urlencoded


enum  ExponentialBackOffPolicy { ExponentialBackOffPolicy.None = 0, ExponentialBackOffPolicy.Exception = 1, ExponentialBackOffPolicy.UnsuccessfulResponse503 = 2 }
 Indicates if exponential back-off is used automatically on exceptions in a service requests and \ or when 503 responses is returned form the server. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

Indicates if exponential back-off is used automatically on exceptions in a service requests and \ or when 503 responses is returned form the server.


Exponential back-off is disabled.


Exponential back-off is enabled only for exceptions.


Exponential back-off is enabled only for 503 HTTP Status code.