Google API Client Library for .NET  1.10.0
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Package Google.Apis.Util


package  Protect
package  Store


class  ExponentialBackOff
 Implementation of IBackOff that increases the back-off period for each retry attempt using a randomization function that grows exponentially. In addition, it also adds a randomize number of milliseconds for each attempt. More...
interface  IBackOff
 Strategy interface to control back-off between retry attempts. More...
interface  IClock
 Clock wrapper for getting the current time. More...
class  SystemClock
 A default clock implementation that wraps the System.DateTime.Now property. More...
class  Repeatable< T >
 Repeatable class which allows you to both pass a single element, as well as an array, as a parameter value. More...
class  RequestParameterAttribute
 An attribute which is used to specially mark a property for reflective purposes, assign a name to the property and indicate it's location in the request as either in the path or query portion of the request URL. More...
class  StandardResponse< InnerType >
 Calls to Google Api return StandardResponses as Json with two properties Data, being the return type of the method called and Error, being any errors that occure. More...
class  StringValueAttribute
 Defines an attribute containing a string representation of the member. More...
class  Utilities
 A utility class which contains helper methods and extension methods.


enum  RequestParameterType { RequestParameterType.Path, RequestParameterType.Query }
 Describe the type of this parameter (Path or Query). More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

Describe the type of this parameter (Path or Query).


A path parameter which is inserted into the path portion of the request URI.


A query parameter which is inserted into the query portion of the request URI.