Call for collaborators

Thank you for your interest in getting early access to ARCore's newest updates. This page includes links to forms to express your interest in collaborating on the development of specific ARCore features.

We'll use this form to select collaborators who we feel can best push the technology forward. Our team will reach out to those selected with more details on how to join the collaboration.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to personally respond to all queries.

Persistent Cloud Anchors

Persistent Cloud Anchors allows you to create a 3D feature map of a scene, place anchors onto that 3D feature map, and then resolve those anchors across multiple devices. Persistent anchors, in particular, have the ability to last over an extended period of time.

Examples of use cases:

  • Working together on a redesign of your home throughout the year

  • Leaving AR notes for your friends around an amusement park

  • Hiding AR objects at specific places around the world to be discovered by others

We’re currently looking for more developers to help us explore and test persistent Cloud Anchors in real world apps at scale, before making the feature broadly available. If you’re interested in early access, apply here.

What are we looking for?

The form will help us choose developers who we feel have use cases that will test the technology and/or show unique real world scenarios. Some things that we are specifically looking for include:

  • Projects that will test the technology at room, event, or world scale with multiple users

  • Projects that can begin implementation and testing within a few months of receiving access

  • Projects that have a clear launch timeline