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Call for collaborators

Thank you for your interest in getting early access to ARCore's newest updates.

The active feature for collaboration is earth Cloud Anchors. You can stay updated with publicly available features in our What’s New in ARCore documentation.

Earth Cloud Anchors

Our public Cloud Anchors API lets you create a 3D feature map of a scene, place anchors onto that 3D feature map, and then resolve those anchors across multiple devices.

When an anchor is placed out in the world, it can sometimes be challenging for users to find it. For example, in a city, they usually need to be guided via GPS directions to the vicinity of the anchor (approximately one city block), and then have to use “hints” such as images or videos of the scene to be able to find the anchor.

To help you make this much easier for users, we’re testing earth Cloud Anchors. This is a new mode for the API that utilizes a technique called global localization, which lets you use AR orientation cues instead of image or video hints to easily guide users to the anchor’s location.

If you’re interested in early access, apply here.