Update item list

Action ID

Add an item to an existing list. Determine which list to modify by filtering the user's lists using the itemList.name parameter. If a single list cannot be identified from the parameters, ask the user to determine which list to edit before proceeding.

Once a single list is identified, add an item with the value of the itemList.itemListElement.name parameter.

We also recommend integrating our partner solution enabling notes and list access through a native Assistant experience that works across a variety of Assistant-enabled devices.

Locale support

Functionality Locales
Preview creation using App Actions test tool en-US
User invocation from Google Assistant en-US

Example queries

The following fields represent essential information that users often provide in queries that trigger this built-in intent:


Other supported fields

The following fields represent information that users often provide to disambiguate their needs or otherwise improve their results:


Supported text values by field

Sample actions.xml

For information about the actions schema, read Create actions.xml.

Handle intent parameters as URL parameters

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- This is a sample actions.xml -->
  <action intentName="actions.intent.UPDATE_ITEM_LIST">
    <fulfillment urlTemplate="myapp://custom-deeplink{?itemListName,itemListElementName}">
      <!-- Eg. itemListName = "Grocery List" -->
      <!-- (Optional) Require a field eg.itemListName for fulfillment with required="true" -->
      <parameter-mapping urlParameter="itemListName" intentParameter="itemList.name" required="true" />
      <!-- Eg. itemListElementName = "Milk" -->
      <parameter-mapping urlParameter="itemListElementName" intentParameter="itemList.itemListElement.name" />

    <!-- Provide a fallback fulfillment with no required parameters. For example, to your app search or router deeplink -->
    <fulfillment urlTemplate="myapp://deeplink" />

JSON-LD sample

The following JSON-LD sample provides some example values that you can use in the App Actions test tool:

  "@context": "http://schema.org",
  "@type": "ItemList",
  "itemListElement": {
    "@type": "ListItem",
    "name": "Milk"
  "name": "Grocery List"