Publisher Settings Protocol Buffer

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// Protocol version: v.13
// Copyright 2024 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.

// Protocol buffers for communicating publisher restrictions to networks.

// A set of publisher settings specific to a RTB Network.
message PublisherSettingsList {
  repeated PublisherSettings publisher_settings = 1;

// A collection of settings that applies to a publisher's web property or
// channel.
message PublisherSettings {
  // Identifies the web property and channel to which these settings apply.
  // This field corresponds to publisher_settings_list_id in the BidRequest
  // or BidRequest.AdSlot.
  optional fixed64 id = 10;

  // These landing page URLs are blocked by the seller for all ad slots marked
  // with this id. They should be matched by substring.
  repeated string excluded_url = 2;

  // Disallowed sensitive ad categories. This field corresponds to
  // excluded_sensitive_category in the BidRequest. See the
  // ad-sensitive-categories.txt file in the technical documentation for a list
  // of sensitive ad categories.
  repeated int32 excluded_sensitive_category = 9;

  // Disallowed product categories. This field corresponds to
  // excluded_product_category in the BidRequest.
  repeated int32 excluded_product_category = 8;

  // Disallowed attribute ids for the ads that can show in this
  // slot. See the creative-attributes.txt file in the technical
  // documentation for a list of ids.
  repeated int32 excluded_attribute = 4;

  // Allowed vendor types. See the vendors.txt file in the technical
  // documentation for a list of ids.
  repeated int32 allowed_vendor_type = 5;

  // No longer used as of June 2016.
  optional bool DEPRECATED_can_send_ip = 7 [default = true, deprecated = true];

  // The languages that are allowed to be shown on the publisher's site.
  // Each language is a Language Code, such as 'en' or 'pt-BR', as defined by
  // Unicode's "CLDR" (
  repeated string allowed_language = 11;