Expandable Creatives

Authorized Buyers now allows buyers and sellers to run expandable creatives. To find out which vendors are certified for expandables, visit Declaring 3rd- and 4th-party vendors in Authorized Buyers and enter "expandable" in the search box above the table.

Through the bid request, a publisher can indicate that expandable creatives are allowed for a given impression. When that happens, your bid response can identify an expandable creative as the one you prefer to serve.

Allowed creative specifications

Both click-to-expand and rollover-to-expand expandable creatives are allowed, and can expand in one or more directions as declared in RTB responses.

Expandable creatives may not expand to more than twice the width or three times the height of the ad's base dimensions, except when displaying certain IAB formats or formats approved by Google.

Other specifications

  • Expand: on click or on rollover (configured by publishers)
  • Close: on click or mouse off
  • Max file size: 5MB, 150K initial, 2.2MB polite
  • Required controls: Panels must contain a prominent Close X, in 16pt font or larger, on the corner of the unit

Publisher declaration

Sellers indicate that they can allow expandable creatives on their ad slot by declaring a given expandable vendor via the existing vendor list. Google automatically detects possible expanding directions for ad slots on publisher pages and filters out non-matching expandable creatives on each ad request.

For example, a 728x90 ad slot at the top of the page will most likely allow DOWN expansion only. A creative expanding UP won't be allowed to serve to this ad slot. A creative expanding DOWN or a creative supporting multi-directional expansion (UP or DOWN, determined dynamically at ad rendering time) will both be allowed to run. In general, multi-directional expandable ads can be eligible for a larger chunk of traffic as they are allowed to run even on ad slots for which Google has not detected possible expanding directions.

Buyer declaration

Buyers can declare the expandable directions in their bid responses by setting BidResponse.Ad.attribute to the following values:

  • 12 ExpandingDirection: ExpandingNone
  • 13 ExpandingDirection: ExpandingUp
  • 14 ExpandingDirection: ExpandingDown
  • 15 ExpandingDirection: ExpandingLeft
  • 16 ExpandingDirection: ExpandingRight
  • 17 ExpandingDirection: ExpandingUpLeft
  • 18 ExpandingDirection: ExpandingUpRight
  • 19 ExpandingDirection: ExpandingDownLeft
  • 20 ExpandingDirection: ExpandingDownRight
  • 25 ExpandingDirection: ExpandingUpOrDown
  • 26 ExpandingDirection: ExpandingLeftOrRight
  • 27 ExpandingDirection: ExpandingAnyDiagonal

If the buyer uses technology for expandable creatives but the creative itself isn't expandable, the buyer needs to declare attribute 12: ExpandingNone. If that technology is declarable, it needs to be declared as well.

The following attribute values are related to the directions to which an ad is able to expand:

  • 28 ExpandingAction: RolloverToExpand
  • 52 ExpandingDirection: ExpandingGdnApi

At least one direction must be specified. At serving time, each direction declared by the ad is compared against directions supported by the ad slot. The ad is only allowed to run if all of its declared directions are allowed by the slot.

It is the buyer's responsibility to follow the expandable creative specifications along with all existing Authorized Buyers creative policies. Expandable ads should be authored with accompanying backup creatives which are displayed if an ad cannot render its expandable version on a particular page. Please contact your Authorized Buyers account manager if you have any questions on verifying your current configuration.

RTB access for expandable inventory

Bid request

When expandable creatives are allowed in a bid request, the following two fields will be set:

  1. AdSlot.allowed_vendor_type - specifying one or more expandable vendor types from vendors.txt.
  2. AdSlot.excluded_attribute - containing attributes from creative-attributes.txt for all expanding directions not allowed for the ad slot.
    • For example, if a 728x90 ad slot only allows down expansion, excluded_attribute will contain all expanding direction IDs other than 14 (down), 25 (up or down), and 27 (any diagonal), i.e., 13,15,16,17,18,19,20,26.

Note: If there are no expandable vendors present in allowed_vendor_type, no expandable ads can be returned in the response. Any expanding direction values in excluded_attribute will also be stripped if allowed_vendor_type is empty.

Bid response

When your bid response contains an expandable creative, specify the expanding directions which the creative supports in Ad.attribute. For example, if a creative expands down, Ad.attribute should contain attribute ID 14.

The rollover-to-expand creative is declared using attribute ID 28, which may be included in a bid request's AdSlot.excluded_attribute or declared in a response's Ad.attribute.

Note: Buyers are responsible for making sure expandable creatives are able to run from both friendly and third-party iframe tags using publisher-side files. Google automatically detects the presence of publisher-side files for publishers using third-party iframe ad slots. To minimize default rates, expandable ads are not served to publishers with no publisher-side files.

Vendor-specific configuration

Authorized Buyers does not support custom locations for publisher-side files for iframe delivery. Creatives should use the following paths:

Vendor Publisher-side file path
Adform /adform/IFrameManager.html
Bonzai /bonzai/bonzaiBuster.html
Exponential /exponential/buster.html
Flite /flite/fif.html
Jivox /jivox/jivoxibuster.html
Kpsule /kpsule/iframebuster.html
Linkstorm /linkstorm/linkstorm_certified.html
MediaMind /eyeblaster/addineyeV2.html
PointRoll Path is configured by the vendor for each publisher site.
Revjet /revjet/revjet_buster.html
Rich Media
Sociomatic /sociomatic/iframebuster_Sociomantic.html
Spongecell /spongecell/spongecell_iframebuster.html
Unicast /unicast/unicastIFD.html
Weborama /adrime/adrime_burst_2.0.0.htm