The Google beacon platform is deprecated as of December 7, 2020. The platform will shut down on April 1, 2021.

Mark up the world using beacons

Give your users better location and proximity experiences by providing a strong context signal for their devices in the form of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons with Eddystone, the open beacon format from Google.

The Google beacon platform enables you to manage your beacons remotely, integrate with Google services and help users' devices to discover content and functionality across Android, native apps and the web.

To get started with the Google beacon platform, get a beacon and install Beacon Tools for Android or iOS.

Create proximity-based experiences for your users

The Google beacon platform, built on Eddystone, allows you to deploy your beacons once and use them many times. Build highly personalized features into your app, share your beacons to collaborate with other developers, or use Nearby Notifications to deliver web or app content, with no prior app install required.

Attach information to your beacons using the Beacon Dashboard or Proximity Beacon API. Retrieve beacon information with the Nearby Messages API in Android and iOS.

Nearby Notifications helps users to discover what's around them, by surfacing location-specific notifications for apps and websites, with no prior app install required.

The Physical Web and Eddystone-URL enable easy discovery of web content, without the need to use Google services.

All about the Google beacon platform

Find out more about all of the things you can do with beacons, in this episode of Coffee with a Googler.

Developer resources

The Beacon Dashboard enables you to visualise deployments of large networks and manage attachment content associated with them.

Beacon Tools is a mobile app for setting up beacons with the Google beacon platform, including adding place data and attachment data that can be used in your app.

The beacons codelab takes you through creating Nearby Messages subscriptions so that your app can interact with beacons. This includes both beacons registered to your own project, as well as public beacon networks.

Make bulk changes to your beacon network using our open sample scripts.