Google Proximity Beacon API

Registers, manages, indexes, and searches beacons.


All URIs below are relative to

This service provides the following discovery document:

Collection: v1beta1

getEidparams GET /v1beta1/eidparams
Gets the Proximity Beacon API's current public key and associated parameters used to initiate the Diffie-Hellman key exchange required to register a beacon that broadcasts the Eddystone-EID format.

Collection: v1beta1.beaconinfo

getforobserved POST /v1beta1/beaconinfo:getforobserved
Given one or more beacon observations, returns any beacon information and attachments accessible to your application.

Collection: v1beta1.beacons

activate POST /v1beta1/{beaconName=beacons/*}:activate
Activates a beacon.
deactivate POST /v1beta1/{beaconName=beacons/*}:deactivate
Deactivates a beacon.
decommission POST /v1beta1/{beaconName=beacons/*}:decommission
Decommissions the specified beacon in the service.
delete DELETE /v1beta1/{beaconName=beacons/*}
Deletes the specified beacon including all diagnostics data for the beacon as well as any attachments on the beacon (including those belonging to other projects).
get GET /v1beta1/{beaconName=beacons/*}
Returns detailed information about the specified beacon.
list GET /v1beta1/beacons
Searches the beacon registry for beacons that match the given search criteria.
register POST /v1beta1/beacons:register
Registers a previously unregistered beacon given its advertisedId.
update PUT /v1beta1/{beacon.beaconName=beacons/*}
Updates the information about the specified beacon.

Collection: v1beta1.beacons.attachments

batchDelete POST /v1beta1/{beaconName=beacons/*}/attachments:batchDelete
Deletes multiple attachments on a given beacon.
create POST /v1beta1/{beaconName=beacons/*}/attachments
Associates the given data with the specified beacon.
delete DELETE /v1beta1/{attachmentName=beacons/*/attachments/*}
Deletes the specified attachment for the given beacon.
list GET /v1beta1/{beaconName=beacons/*}/attachments
Returns the attachments for the specified beacon that match the specified namespaced-type pattern.

Collection: v1beta1.beacons.diagnostics

list GET /v1beta1/{beaconName=beacons/*}/diagnostics
List the diagnostics for a single beacon.

Collection: v1beta1.namespaces

list GET /v1beta1/namespaces
Lists all attachment namespaces owned by your Google Developers Console project.
update PUT /v1beta1/{namespace.namespaceName=namespaces/*}
Updates the information about the specified namespace.