The Google beacon platform is deprecated as of December 7, 2020. The platform will shut down on April 1, 2021.

Retrieve Attachments

With the Nearby Messages API, you can build apps that detect beacons and retrieve messages that have been associated with them. Examples include showing the bus schedule when your user is waiting at a bus stop or providing ticket availability at a theater kiosk. When using the Nearby API with beacons, the messages take the form of beacon attachments.

Follow these steps to retrieve attachment data by using Nearby.Messages in your Android or iOS app.

  1. Visit Get Started with Beacons to learn how to configure beacons, register them with Google, and add attachments.
  2. Activate the Nearby Messages API and get an API key for your mobile platform of choice:
  3. Subscribe to messages in your Android or iOS app to automatically retrieve messages when the user's device detects the beacon.

You can also retrieve messages by using the beaconinfo.getforobserved and beacons.attachments.list methods of the Proximity Beacon API.