FieldView Describes methods that all views that are representing a Field must implement. 
VariableChangeView Views that allow the user to request changes to the list of variables should implement this interface. 


BasicFieldAngleView Renders an angle as part of a Block. 
BasicFieldCheckboxView Renders a checkbox as part of a BlockView. 
BasicFieldColorView Renders a color field and picker as part of a BlockView. 
BasicFieldColorView.AutoPositionPopupWindow Popup window that adjusts positioning to the size of the wrapped view. 
BasicFieldColorView.ColorPaletteView View for a color palette that matches Web Blockly's. 
BasicFieldDateView Renders a date and a date picker as part of a Block. 
BasicFieldDropdownView Renders a dropdown field as part of a Block. 
BasicFieldImageView Renders an image bitmap. 
BasicFieldInputView Renders editable text as part of a InputView
BasicFieldLabelView Renders text as part of a BlockView. 
BasicFieldNumberView A basic UI for FieldNumber
BasicFieldVariableView Renders a dropdown field containing the workspace's variables as part of a Block. 
BasicFieldVariableView.VariableViewAdapter An implementation of ArrayAdapter that wraps the NameManager.VariableNameManager to create the variable item views. 
BasicIconView Renders an image bitmap.