AbstractProcedureMutator<Info extends ProcedureInfo> Base class for all procedure definition and procedure call mutators, providing a base implementation of the mutation state variables and related I/O. 
IfElseMutator Mutator for the if/else if/else block. 
MathIsDivisibleByMutator Implements math_is_divisibleby_mutator Mutator for the math_number_property block, which adds the DIVISOR input if the property is "is divisible by". 
ProcedureCallMutator This mutator supports procedure call blocks for user-defined procedures (procedures_callreturn and procedures_callnoreturn blocks). 
ProcedureDefinitionMutator This mutator class supports procedure definition blocks for user-defined procedures (procedures_defreturn and procedures_defnoreturn blocks). 
ProceduresIfReturnMutator This mutator supports the procedures_ifreturn block, configuring the presence of the return value input and the block's disabled state.