BlockExtension A BlockExtension allows programmatic configuration of blocks, extra initialization, or custom behaviors to be added to blocks. 
CustomCategory Interface for custom BlocklyCategorys, such as VARIABLES and PROCEDURE toolbox categories. 
Field.Observer Observer for listening to changes to a field. 
FieldDropdown.OptionsObserver Interface to listen for changes that occur to an FieldDropdown.Options list. 
Mutator.Factory<T extends Mutator> The factory class for this type of mutator. 


Block Base class for a Blockly Block. 
BlockDefinition Definition of a type of block, usually defined in JSON. 
BlockFactory The BlockFactory is responsible for managing the set of BlockDefinitions, and instantiating Blocks from those definitions. 
BlocklyCategory A category of a toolbox, which holds zero or more blocks or zero or more subcategories. 
BlocklyCategory.BlockItem Flyout item that contains a stack blocks. 
BlocklyCategory.ButtonItem Flyout item representing a clickable button, such as "Add Variable". 
BlocklyCategory.Callback Callback class for listening to changes to this category. 
BlocklyCategory.CategoryItem Wraps items that can be displayed as part of a BlocklyCategory
BlocklyCategory.LabelItem Flyout item representing a label between groups of blocks. 
BlocklyEvent Base class for all Blockly events. 
BlocklyEvent.ChangeEvent Event fired when a property of a block changes. 
BlocklyEvent.CreateEvent Event fired when a block is added to the workspace, possibly containing other child blocks and next blocks. 
BlocklyEvent.DeleteEvent Event fired when a block is removed from the workspace. 
BlocklyEvent.MoveEvent Event fired when a block is moved on the workspace, or its parent connection is changed. 
BlocklyEvent.UIEvent Event class for user interface related actions, including selecting blocks, opening/closing the toolbox or trash, and changing toolbox categories. 
BlockTemplate Template of a block, describing the initial state of a new block. 
BlockTypeFieldName Id for a particular field on blocks of a particular type. 
Connection Describes a connection on a Block. 
DefaultBlocks Constants class for all default block definitions and supporting files. 
Field The base class for Fields in Blockly. 
FieldAngle Adds an angle (0-360) picker to an Input. 
FieldCheckbox Adds a toggleable checkbox to an Input. 
FieldColor Adds a color picker to an Input. 
FieldDate Adds a date picker to an Input. 
FieldDropdown Adds a dropdown list to an Input. 
FieldDropdown.Option An option for a block's dropdown field. 
FieldDropdown.Options The list of all options for a FieldDropdown
FieldImage Adds an image to an Input. 
FieldInput Adds an editable text input to an Input. 
FieldLabel Adds a text to an Input. 
FieldNumber A 'field_number' type of field, for an editable number. 
FieldVariable Adds a variable to an Input. 
Input An input on a Blockly block. 
Input.InputDummy An input that only wraps fields and does not provide its own input connection. 
Input.InputStatement An input that accepts one or more statement blocks. 
Input.InputValue An Input that takes a value. 
IOOptions A set of options for reading or writing blocks. 
Mutator Interface for mutators, platform specific hooks into blocks that manage the <mutation> serialized state and any related block updates. 
ProcedureCustomCategory Class for building categories for procedure blocks (user-defined functions). 
ProcedureInfo Describes a procedure for the ProcedureManager and procedure mutators. 
VariableCustomCategory Class for building categories for variables blocks. 
Workspace The root class for the Blockly model. 
WorkspacePoint A point in workspace coordinates. 


BlocklySerializerException An exception that is thrown when there is an error serializing a Blockly Workspace to XML.